I did my undergraduate at UCLA back in 2013 (B.S. Mathematics) and my masters (M.S. Mathematics) at CSULB class of 2021. In my spare time I enjoy swimming, unicycling, and surfing! The water is my second home after a study room.


I finished my undergraduate work in pure mathematics as UCI back in 2014 and completed my M.S. in pure mathematics in 2020 from CSULB. In my spare time I enjoy taking walks with my dog Phil, going on hikes, and jogging; as a matter of fact I recently completed the LA marathon for the first time.

Teaching Philosophy:

Both of us have always love mathematics; as learners, doers, and teachers. Doing math is a hobby and a passion for us. We push for less students to be “afraid” of math and rather enjoy it in all of its beauty! Our teaching philosophy is rather simple: to be as subjective as possible when dealing with students. Each student is unique and learns in their own way and has their own background. One cannot expect there to be one algorithm across the board for each student. Our goal is to mold my teaching to the students liking not the other way around.

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